NIPPON NOTE RECORDS(NNR)は渥美幸裕から世界中の何処かに住むあなたへ直接音楽作品をお届けします。

”僕は真に日本の風土や歴史と結びついた2000年以降の日本の音楽= 『邦楽2.0』*とはどんな音の姿であろうかと想像してきました。





NIPPON NOTE RECORDS (NNR) will directly deliver the music by Atsumi Yukihiro to you who lives in somewhere in this world.
“I’ve imagined the figure of the sound as “Hogaku 2.0”*, which is deeply connected to the culture and history of Japan. Moving to the old house that has a long history in Kyoto and exploring the change of life-style from past were a part of my creative journey. This is because I knew the life, which is connected to music was related to agriculture and nature. I also have learned the structure of various classical JAPANESE MUSIC and absorbed those theory and practice into my body and mind. Even though this exploration has just begun and I am still in progress, I am happy if you taste some part of the JAPANESE MUSIC which was born from this immersed life experience. ——— Atsumi Yukihiro”

* ”Hogaku 2.0” is...
Ongoing new Japanese music style since 2000's, which is fused of the various international music culture that modern Japanese has absorbed, and
the system of Japanese classical music originated from Japanese culture and history.

▶︎Title list
1. しだれ桜 / Shidare Zakura
2. 纏う/ Matou (Wear it)
3. 六段の調 初段変奏 /Rokudan Shodan Variation
4. 日出ずるしい / Hizurushii (the Sun's dazzling)
5. 水龍の一滴 / A Drop of Water Dragon
6. 花 / Hana
7. 閃きの花 / A flower of Sparks
8. デイドリームビリーバー / Daydream Believer
(TIMERS Cover)*Bonus track (JAPAN only)
9. さくら さくら / Sakura Sakura
10. 権現三変奏曲 / The Gongen 3 Variations
11. 越天楽 / Etenraku

渥美幸裕 邦楽2.0シリーズ第一弾 Japanese Guitar Song Book発売

奈良時代、 江戸時代、明治時代、昭和時代の曲のカヴァーと平成現代の渥美自身による書き下ろし曲によって構成された本作は
京都に拠点を移し三年の暮らしの中で渥美自身が生み出した新しい日本音楽のメソッド 『邦楽2.0』 を起用し


Japanese Guitar Song Book データ版先行リリース

This new album, composed by the collaboration of cover songs from the period of Nara, Edo, Meiji, Showa, Heisei and newly written songs by Yukihiro Atsumi, was recorded at Kura Studio of the Goemon Residence in Kyoto, where he has moved his base from Tokyo three years ago, with the new method of Japanese music generated from “Hogaku 2.0”.
Played with the guitar only, the expression that is full of the scenes is the best part to listen.
Songs from each period has been reborn with the “Hogaku 2.0”. It is new and original but you feel nostalgia as well. Listening each songs period by period, you will see the transition of Japanese music.
This is a history book of music – a Japanese music’ historical literature.
Japanese Guitar Song Book - Release in August 2016.

Japanese Guitar Song Book
with Bonus track for Japan.

■CD ¥2000 (tax in)
with Sticker 2pcs.

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