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This project is for delivering the track work by Atsumi Yukihiro. This world is only expressed by the Speaker music that cannot be imitated by any others. He tries to create the groove and sound that he feels something new, and completed all of the parts from mixing, recording, and performance, with his hands and ears.

01 Stone Garden

Written by Atsumi Yukihiro
All tracks created & Mixed by Atsumi Yukihiro

・Brief Commentary of the song from Atsumi Yukihiro

The song was written in 2012 in the image of stone garden like Karesansui. I used the groove of the portable shrine for the beat of the song.

02 You See

Written by Atsumi Yukihiro
Agogo played by Hiderow Nishioka (CTH)
Strings played by Mikiyo Kikuchi
Other tracks created & Mixed by Atsumi Yukihiro

-You See-Lyric
Find Love like a kind of blue
Found you in the star
Every time
Close to you

03 Into Dreams

Written by Atsumi Yukihiro
All tracks created & Mixed by Atsumi Yukihiro

-Into Dreams-Lyric
We are the One
I remember you
Hello, Good bye, See you again
We know why the world changes now
Hello, Good bye, See you again
Into Dreams


Written by Atsumi Yukihiro
All tracks created & Mixed by Atsumi Yukihiro

・Brief Commentary of the song
日本をテーマに取り組んだ最初の作品で過去に様々なバージョンが存在する。CTH (Conguero Tres Hoofers) での大事なレパートリーの一つとなった曲。今回はガットギターによる日本的アプローチとテクノ的サウンドの融合を試みた。KGは"衣替え(Koromogae)" からイメージして略称した。

The first piece I wrote with the theme of Japan and using the structure of classical Japanese music has some versions. Now, this song has become the important repertoire of CTH (Conguero Tres Hoofers). I tried to fuse the Japanese approach by the acoustic guitar and the sound of techno music. KG means the abbreviation of "Seasonal change of clothes (Koromogae)”.


*wavデータ形式上の問題で、ダウンロードして頂いた音源をお使いのPCに搭載させれたプレーヤー (iTunes等) で開いた場合、楽曲名のみが反映されます。アーティスト名とアルバム名はご自身で編集して頂きますようお願い致します。この問題を改善するサービスが見つかり次第反映させて参ります。あらかじめご了承ください。

With the problem of the wav data style, you can only get the name of music when you open the file with the player (iTunes, etc.) after the download. You need to edit the name of artist and album by yourself. We apologize this inconvenience, and will be trying to solve this as soon as we find the new system.

About the Sound quality / 音質について

NNRでは曲ごとに16bit 44.1khz / 24bit 48khz (wav) の2種類の音質を用意しています。16bit 44.1khz は所謂CDの音質です。それに比べ24bit 48khz のwav音源は、より音質が透き通り身体を通り抜ける様な響きの印象です。

NNR provides two types of the sound quality which are 16 bit 44.1 khz and 24 bit 48 khz (wav). 16 bit 44.1 khz is equal to the sound of regular CD. On the other hand, 24 bit 48 khz has clearer, higher resolution and more three dimensional sound than 16 bit 44.1 khz. With this, you would still feel comfortable listening to the large volume since the sound can embrace you. 24 bit 48 khz version can only play with PC or a high resolution playback machine because the amount of the data is large. Depends on the situation, you can choose which once you want to. Now, the NNR tracks are specially mixed for each situation, such as for house hold speaker, sound system with subwoofer, or headphone, etc. This allows you to enjoy music with any sound system and comfortable volume.